Wedding Day List and Wedding Directory – Printable!

Planning a wedding is a monumental task! With my wedding, I had a (messy) notebook full of check lists and names and numbers  and ideas, and I hunted through it everytime I needed to dig out a bit of info. That experience, plus all the wedding days I enjoy, have inspired me to make a mini-reference for you, with a directory to help you with planning, and a check list for the day of your wedding. You can save it, print it on standard printer paper, and fold it over to make your easy-to-carry list.

Never hunt for your florists phone number again! Keep the directory in a visible place, and it definitely helps if you are delegating a task. If there’s an emergency on the wedding day, pack it along with your emergency kit so you have the vendor information to hand off to someone else and have them sort it out for you.

If you tuck the check list in your purse or overnight bag, you won’t have quite so much on your mind on your special day. I tried to cover everything that was common to most weddings, but definitely add to it to keep your own day feeling under control. There’s always a few mishaps, but the more you put things in a list and ask your bridal party for help, the smoother your day will go.

If you have an amazing app, or another resource you’ve found super helpful, add it to the comments to share with other couples! To save this resource, click on the image, then click on it in the new link, and then you can save it or print it (for a larger list, print in landscape, for a smaller list, print in portrait). I hope it helps you out!

Wedding Day Helper

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