For Families


Perfectly Covered Session… $175

Perfect for immediate family, individual shots, pets, and playtime in a unique location

45 minutes of photography, in studio or on location

6 beautifully retouched images, delivered through a personalized on-line portal, full sized files, no watermark

Print release

Downloadable/printable proof album


Perfectly Covered Session: Extended Version… $250

Perfect for exploring a large location together, and digging deeper with more relationship shots. Also allows for extended family groups.

1.5 hours of photography, in studio or on location

9 beautifully retouched images, delivered through a personalized on-line portal, full sized files, no watermark

Print release

Downloadable/printable proof album


Family-Modern Storytelling… $400

2 hours in your home and on location

Documentary style photography, similar to our wedding storytelling coverage

Perfect for someone looking for family photos that are beyond the ordinary, to capture the beauty of the everyday

Posed portraits as well as interaction cues to invite playful candid moments

All inclusive digital package, delivered with a sharable link

1 telephone meeting to get to know you before the session

~80 artistic images that tell the story of who your family is right now


Just for Newborns!… $250

2 hours of photography in home or on location, lifestyle session (different than “baby-as-art” style)

A longer appointment to look after wee ones special needs

6 beautifully retouched images, delivered through a personalized on-line portal, full sized files, no watermark

Print release

Downloadable/printable proof album


For Individuals


Headshots and Editorial portraits… $100

1 hour of photography in studio or on location

3 beautifully retouched images, delivered through a personalized on-line portal, full sized files, no watermark

Print release

Additional images available for purchase in a sharable online gallery


For Couples


Engagement Photography


Perfectly Covered Session: 1 location, 1 outfit, classic poses and lots of interaction

Perfectly Covered Session: Extended Version: 2 locations, 2 outfits, classic poses, extra time for creative play


Wedding Packages


All of our wedding packages include a generous selection of the images we capture on your special day, lovingly retouched, and delivered to you on a custom USB. We believe in our clients having control of their digital library after their wedding, so they can maximize the value of their investment by self printing and being free to share their images with their whole family. We also offer a wide array of printed products, so you can leave quality control up to us, and shop with the click of a mouse. [Our ShootProof shopping system is coming soon!] Check out our packages, plus a la carte options, to find the perfect fit for your budget!


Half Day Package… $1050

Includes 5 hours of wedding day itinerary

~250 beautifully enhanced and retouched images

Custom USB

Add engagement photography(1 hour)… $1200

Add 100 5×7 prints, with custom USB in a wood case… $1200

Add leather, lay-flat album (30 pages)… $1500

Add second photographer… $1400


Full Day Package… $2050

Includes 10 hours of wedding day itinerary

~500 beautifully enhanced and retouched images

Custom USB

Add engagement photography(1 hour)… $2200

Add 100 5×7 prints, with custom USB in a wood case… $2200

Add leather, lay-flat album (30 pages)… $2500

Add second photographer… $2750


Whole Day Package…  $2750

Unlimited personal coverage of your wedding day itinerary.

~800 beautifully enhanced and retouched images

Custom USB

Add engagement photography(1 hour)… $2900

Add 100 5×7 prints, with custom USB in a wood case… $2900

Add leather, lay-flat album (30 pages)… $3200

Add second photographer… $3450


Make your own package!

Custom coverage… $200/hour*

1 hour engagement shoot…$150 (with wedding booking)

2nd shooter… $70/hour

100 5×7 prints, with custom USB in wooden case… $150

Leather bound, photo paper printing, flay flat album, 30 pages(~60 photos)… $450


*We are able to offer custom coverage on non-peak dates only.  2016’s peak dates are Saturdays, from May 22 to October 16th.


All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Terms and Conditions

Littlewood Photography will always do its best to meet and exceed your expectations. Mutual understanding is key to any great relationship, so always feel free to seek further clarification. Please read through the Terms and Conditions; you can request a copy at any time.


“Littlewood Photography” is a sole proprietorship and, unless otherwise specified, all customer service and photography service is provided by owner/operator, Naomi Littlewood.

The “Client” agrees that it has the legal authority to enter a financial contract on behalf any parties represented by the Client. Littlewood Photography’s relationship with the Client is that of an independent contractor.

“Image(s)”: All photograph-related digital information produced by Littlewood Photography, pursuant with the Client’s package.

“Fully Edited Image”: Large size Jpeg image file (from 5-15 MB) that has been retouched and enhanced in a manner consistent with our online portfolio, according to the best judgement of Littlewood Photography. All images are delivered via online downloads, unless the Client has additionally purchased delivery mediums (e.g. USB drives, printed materials). Wedding packages may include deliverables, such as drives, prints, or albums, to be specified in the wedding package contract. Unless specified otherwise on the client invoice, all images are delivered as full-resolution jpegs, via an on-line delivery medium.

“Print Rights”: Upon full payment, the Client holds a limited license to reproduce purchased images as printed copies for personal use. No other rights are implied.

“On-line gallery”: A digital presentation of additional files that may be purchased in addition to package inclusions.


The Client acknowledges that Littlewood Photography is the author of the Image(s) and also the first and sole owner of all copyrights of the Image(s). The Image(s) and all copyrights remain the exclusive property of Littlewood Photography, without limitation. All Print Rights to the Image(s) specifically granted by Littlewood Photography to the Client appear on the Client receipt.

The Print Rights held by the Client commences with full payment with invoice, as is specified on the client invoice.

Rights granted are non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable and non-transferable. Images are not allowed for ANY commercial use, unless further permission is granted in writing by the Littlewood Photography.

Joint authorship issues must be laid out in writing, and agreed to by Littlewood Photography.

Any metadata contained within any digital file may not be altered, or removed, without the written consent of Littlewood Photography.

Watermarked versions of images specified for on-line use must be used by the client for sharing through social media platforms. These will be included with all purchased images.

Littlewood Photography retains the right to use the Image(s) for self-promotion, portfolio, and competition purposes, including, but not limited to, website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other internet photography sharing forums.

Littlewood Photography will never re-sell your image, unless express written consent is gained from the Client beforehand.


The Client will not make or permit any alterations, including, but not limited to, additions, subtractions, or adaptations, with respect of the Image(s), alone or with any other material, without the prior express permission of the Littlewood Photography. Normal reproduction adjustments for colour, contrast, brightness, sharpness, and cropping are permitted.

Any alteration or modification of any Image(s) will not constitute a work of joint authorship.


The Client will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless, Littlewood Photography, contractors, and representatives, against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and expenses, arising from the Client’s use of any Image(s).

Littlewood Photography is not responsible for obtaining model, property, trademark, or other, releases in connection with the Image(s) unless specifically stated in this Agreement. It is the Client’s responsibility to obtain the necessary permissions for any Image use that requires a release.

It is the Client’s responsibility to determine whether any releases delivered by Littlewood Photography are suitable for the Client’s purposes.

In any event, Littlewood Photography’s liability for all claims will not exceed the total amount paid under this Agreement.


Full package payment must be received by Littlewood Photography on or before the same day as the shoot date.

Any additional fees will be discussed prior to the shoot date and added to the Client invoice.

Image(s) available in addition to those included in the package may be made available to the Client in an on-line gallery. These will be purchased through the on-line store, and delivery and invoicing will be produced automatically through the on-line store.


Placement of a credit line or copyright notice is required only if specified on the reverse side of this Agreement. If a credit line or copyright notice is required but not actually provided, the Client agrees that the amount of DOUBLE THE INVOICE TOTAL is the fair and reasonable compensation that will be paid to Littlewood Photography for the loss of recognition, or lack of copyright protection, resulting from the lack of, or an improper, copyright notice or credit line.


Wedding packages are reserved with a non-refundable retainer amount equal to 20% of the total package, due upon the signing of the contract. The retaining fee is subtracted from the remaining balance. In the event of a cancellation, the retainer fee is relinquished as payment for the administrative services rendered by Littlewood Photography in relationship with the Client. In the event of a date change, Littlewood Photography will provide service on a case-by-case basis to work with the Client to accommodate the Client’s date change, and amend the contract without additional expenses or fees.

Family Photography packages are reserved with a non-refundable retainer amount of $50.00, due upon booking.

Cancellations: If cancellations occur due to circumstances beyond the Client’s control, Littlewood Photography will provide service on a case-by-case basis to attempt to re-book the appointment with the Client, and the retainer fee will be held for 1 re-book date.

Should the Client choose to cancel their appointment for personal reasons, the retainer fee will not be carried over to a rebook date, and is relinquished by the Client.


The Client is responsible for being aware of Littlewood Photography’s visual standards as represented by our portfolio. Littlewood Photography is responsible for producing images that are of a quality that is at par with the presented portfolio.

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. If the Client is not satisfied by the final delivery of the Image(s), Littlewood Photography will book an in-person consultation with to determine the source of dissatisfaction (e.g. a natural part of the creative or image capture process, photographer error, an editing process, or a failure in communication). Re-edits and re-shoots will be determined during this consultation.

Re-shoots due to an agreed failure to communicate ideals, vision, or needs by the Client will result in a second booking, with all fees applicable.

Re-shoots due to an agreed failure on the part of Littlewood Photography will be done free of charge.


If Littlewood Photography is unable to supply photographic services due to illness, mechanical breakdown, accident, storm, or any other cause beyond our control, then we will attempt to procure the services of another professional photographer to fulfill our obligations. If that does not succeed, Littlewood Photography will return any fees paid by the Client and will have no further liability with respect to this Agreement, and Littlewood Photography will not be responsible or liable for any other damages beyond the amount of the invoice.

This limitation of liability will also apply in the event that any Image is lost or damaged through equipment malfunction, or otherwise, without the fault of Littlewood Photography.


It is the policy of Littlewood Photography to maintain a copy of all finished Image(s) as a digital copy for 2 years after image delivery. While we may choose to archive the Image(s) beyond that date, it is the Client’s responsibility to properly store and archive the Image(s) for the duration their use. Littlewood Photography cannot guarantee the availability of any Image(s) beyond the date of first delivery to the Client.

The Client is aware that optical, magnetic, electronic, and any other media for storing digital data are inherently unstable. The Client hereby releases Littlewood Photography, her contractors, and representatives, from any liability for any claims, damages, or costs, arising from any media supplied by Littlewood Photography becoming unusable.


Littlewood Photography will never share your personal contact information, for any reason, with any outside body, except as required to provide the services, and as required by law.

Contact information for the purpose of giving personal references will only be given after permission is granted.

In on-line platforms, only first names are used in association with image shares.


While we always share Image(s) in a manner and tone which we believe elevates the personal image of our clients, we recognize that not all clients wish for their Image(s) to be used on-line. In the case of minors, parents are welcome to request a publication ban on the image, which will be respected by Littlewood Photography. In the case of photography of a private nature, such a boudoir photography, permission to share each Image will be sought by Littlewood Photography before its release. In all other cases, Littlewood Photography assumes the right to use images for portfolio and marketing material. Special circumstances will be be examined on a case-by-case basis, and objections to on-line use must be raised during the planning stage of the session, before photography has taken place. Littlewood Photography retains the right to charge a fee to compensate our company for the loss of use of Image(s) to market our skills.

The Client agrees to have read and understood the Terms and Conditions. Littlewood Photography and the Client have agreed to a Good Faith Contract in addition to the Terms and Conditions that commences at the time of deposit and booking.